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Apr 18, 2019

ClAppBack Episode 4: Let's Get Organized


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With spring comes spring cleaning, and that means organizing your workflow. We've got 5 apps, tips, and tricks to help you sort your documents, communicate with your team, and manage your company.

In Episode 4, associate editors Kate Carsella and Amanda Hermans discuss tactics for using Google Drive, Dropbox, and Airdrop, and also gave some details about organizational tools from Evernote and Trello

During production of the episode, the editors found out that Dropbox and Google had released a beta version of an integration between the two workflow apps, which would allow users to store, share, and edit Google documents from inside the Dropbox app. Kate hopped back on YouTube to clarify what we know now:

Paid subscribers to Dropbox Business get first crack at the open beta launch, before the full launch for all Dropbox and Google Suite (G-Suite) users.

Dropbox’s VP of product Adam Nash tells Fast Company that their research shows that more than 50 percent of Dropbox users also use G-Suite.

"We have hundreds of millions of Gmail users who have created Dropbox accounts. So the overlap set is not a few million users. It’s a huge audience."

Users will be able to access their Google data from Dropbox, but can still use and store files from other sources, like Microsoft Office, without having to convert the files. 

There will also be Gmail addons for Dropbox, and Google’s chat client, Hangouts, will also have Dropbox integration.

Nash also tells Fast Co. that future integrations are on the horizon.

"There is an explosion in usage of cloud-based productivity and workplace applications within teams and in companies of all sizes, and we think that Dropbox really has a role to play in building this open ecosystem where all of that content works together and all of those applications work together."

We'll be bringing you more details of this integration and any others as we learn them.


Find the apps in this video:

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This content was produced in partnership with our sister publication, Professional Builder.

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