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Feb 19, 2018

Hestan Releases New Smart Cooktop

Hestan Cue single burner with integrated app

Hestan's smart cooking offerings will soon be expanded from this single burner to a full-sized, integrated induction cooktop.

Hestan Smart Cooking, the manufacturer behind the Hestan Cue smart cooking system, has introduced its first full-size cooktop.

The company’s connected system currently includes a single induction burner, Bluetooth enabled cookware, and the Cue app with recipes and video instructions. All pieces communicate with each other, giving the user updated temperature information and following recipe instructions. The new glass induction cooktop will include four standard burners, one of which can be connected with the Cue system. The company hopes that expanding from a single separate burner to a full-sized inegrated cooktop will increase users’ cooking options and abilities.

“At Hestan, we are committed to bringing the very best of culinary inspiration, design integration and technology innovation into today’s kitchens,” says Stanley Cheng, Hestan’s founder. “Today’s home chefs want more than just a great product … they’re looking for a culinary experience that’s seamless, that adds value and quality to their lives. Cue-technology makes it possible for home cooks to cook confidently like never before with exceptional results.”

Hestan’s system was designed in partnership with Michelin-starred chefs and is intended to “take the guesswork out of cooking.” The new induction cooktop will be available for purchase later this year and will be compatible with the Hue line of smart cookware. The Cue app is offered for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices.

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