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Jul 18, 2019

Italian Lighting Brand Oluce Unveils Extra-Thin Collection

Oluce Ilo Design David Lopez Quincoces 1

Italian lighting brand Oluce says its new ultra-thin fixture collection is cutting-edge enough for modern interiors but also ideal for more traditional spaces.

Created by Madrid-based designer David Lopez Quincoces, the Ilo range of LED lighting consists of an aluminum bar that was worked with precision mechanics and chromatically divided into two parts: the first is configured as a handle, while the second contains the long light source.

“The architectural references and clean shapes that make up Ilo act as a perfect balance to its subtle decorative soul and its fine quality finishes, creating an object with a multifaceted beauty, able to fit in with the most varied worlds and styles,” the company says.

Oluce Ilo light

Ilo offers three variations: a traditional suspension lamp, Rise and Fall suspension lamp, and a regular wall light. Each model features the same slender aluminum bar design detail as well as the multiple colors. In the Ilo suspension lamp, the bar is divided into two parts by color,” the company says. “The first gives the effect of a handle, while the second houses the long LED bulb. The generous size of this model is in harmonious contrast with its slim profile.”

In the rise and fall version, the bar has been re-proportioned and set vertically. It moves lightly on a steel wire, fixed to the ceiling and is held in suspension by a floor-skimming weight. Featuring a single 6-watt LED, it measures 196.8 inches comes in Satin Bronze and Matte Black.

Oluce ilo light

Offered in the same size as the rise and fall version, the Ilo wall lamp measures about 15 inches long, projects about 9.4 inches, and is mounted on the wall via a square plate. The pivoting arm rotates 90° and allows movement in any direction, offering a variety of aesthetic and practical lighting options, the company says. It features a single 3-watt LED light and comes in Satin Bronze and Matte Black.

The traditional suspension version of the lamp offer an 18-watt LED and floats from near invisible wires. It also comes in Satin Bronze and Matte Black.

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