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Mar 25, 2019

Kohler Debuts Farmhouse Sink With Interchangeable Fronts

Kohler Tailor sink in Light Floral

Tailor sink in Light Floral

Kohler has launched the Tailor Customizable Farmhouse Sink with interchangeable front panels.

The sink was developed to serve the consumer’s desire for customization and flexibility. Kohler cited a recent study from Kantar, which found that 74 percent of consumers “would welcome more novelty and change in their lives.”

Kohler Tailor sink in Etched Stone

Tailor sink in Etched Stone

Tailor can accommodate a front panel specified in a completely custom material, such as tile or counter slabs up to 3 cm., or one of six Kohler curated panels. Kohler’s selections range from etched and carved stone to floral graphics.

Tailor sinks are made from 4-gauge steel and are offered in three configurations.

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