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Jan 18, 2018

Luxury Fireplace Brand Ortal Introduces Product to the Builder Market

Ortal Lyric Stand Alone fireplace

Ortal, maker of high-end contemporary frameless gas fireplaces, has introduced a new line of hearth products to fulfill growing needs within the builder market.

“Our Lyric line of products is the culmination of many years of research and the important feedback we’ve gotten from our builder customers over the years,” says Ortal USA General Manager Spencer Lowe. “We knew we wanted to combine all of the best elements of our current collection of quality gas fireplaces but at price points that ensure it’s not prohibitive, and with Lyric we’ve accomplished that. We’re extremely excited about unveiling it here at IBS.”

Ortal Lyric Fireplace


The new Lyric contemporary line is an extension of the company’s offerings, built with the same construction and popular finish options as the company’s other product. But the new line has been value engineered to give builders a mid-level price point option.

Lyric uses a flat stainless-steel burner to provide a balanced flame height, the company says, adding that the 4-inch depth of the burner provides a sense of real life flame.

Ortal Lyric Fireplace


Ortal says the new line is easy to install and is compatible with any type of wall finish, including wood or fabric. Plus, it features cool-wall technology, a technique that expels the heat inside the cavity, allowing the wall surrounding the fireplace to remain cool.

Ortal Lyric Fireplace


“[Cool-wall technology] lets users install a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace to further enhance the décor,” the company says. “An added plus, the heat barrier screen around the fireplace can be quickly removed for repair or cleaning – so the fireplace can be serviced without hassle.”

The new collection is available various configurations, including front, corner, peninsula, three-sided, see-through, or stand-alone.

Ortal Lyric Fireplace