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Jan 9, 2024

Manufacturers Reserve Supply Announces Strategic Partnership with BRAVA Roof Tile

Manufacturers Reserve Supply Announces Strategic Partnership with BRAVA Roof Tile

Pictured: Cedar Shake in Arendale | Image: BRAVA Roof Tile

Manufacturers Reserve Supply (MRS), a leading supplier of roofing and construction materials, has established a strategic partnership with BRAVA Roof Tile, an innovator in sustainable roofing solutions. This collaboration aims to streamline access to BRAVA Roof Tile products through MRS, ensuring efficient shipping to meet the dynamic demands of the construction industry.

The partnership includes a range of BRAVA Roof Tile products, such as Cedar Shake, Slate, and Spanish Tile, available for immediate purchase and swift shipment from MRS. This joint venture underscores the commitment of both companies to deliver roofing solutions that meet the diverse needs of contractors, builders, and homeowners.

Adam Brantman, CEO of BRAVA Roof Tile, stated, "At BRAVA, we aim to revolutionize the roofing industry through innovation and sustainability. Our collaboration with Manufacturers Reserve Supply marks a significant step towards making our roofing solutions more accessible to customers nationwide. Together, we will enhance the roofing experience for homeowners and professionals while upholding our commitment to sustainability."

Brian Boyd, President of MRS, added, "We are pleased to join forces with BRAVA Roof Tile. This partnership aligns with our mission of offering materials and service to our customers. BRAVA's dedication to sustainability and quality mirrors our own, and we are confident that this strategic relationship will enhance our ability to serve the construction and roofing industry. Together, we will bring sustainable, durable roofing solutions to the forefront of the market."

This partnership signifies a milestone in the roofing and construction industry, combining the expertise and product quality of MRS with the innovation and sustainability of BRAVA Roof Tile. Customers can anticipate quicker access to BRAVA Roof Tile products, ensuring a seamless experience in their roofing projects.

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