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Jan 25, 2018

NuTone Introduces Video Doorbell

NuTone Knock Doorbell

Home products manufacturer NuTone has introduced a video doorbell that allows homeowners to see and speak to visitors from anywhere in the world on their smartphone or tablet.

“Homeowners have been asking for a multi-function doorbell system that combines the best intercom technology with security,” says Jessica Lindquist, global category director for home comfort and convenience at NuTone. “With NuTone Knock, we offer homeowners an easy-to-install system which integrates seamlessly with their smart phones and tablets, while providing more convenience and security than ever before.”

The manufacturer says the product offers a variety of features that set it apart from other video doorbells on the market. NuTone Knock is easy to install, the company explains, and offers a built-in voltage detection and better Wi-Fi signal strength.

“The strong Wi-Fi connection allows for farther installation from your router while still maintaining a reliable connection, limiting the need for a Wi-Fi range extender,” the company says. “It’s durable enough to withstand dust and water, and is tested from -22F to 122F; no other video doorbell can make that claim.”

Knock also offers two-way audio and HD video from the door to any smart phone or tablet around the world; a night-vision camera; motion-detection technology to alert homeowner of movement and record video to the cloud; and a quiet-hours option to silence the door chime during nap- or nighttime.

The product will be available in fall 2018 on,, and from NuTone dealers.