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Jan 14, 2021

Picks From Your Peers: 3 Favorite Products From Me and General Design

Me and General Design

General Judd and Cristina Casanas-Judd in their Brooklyn studio

It’s all about storytelling and essentialism for husband-wife design team Me and General Design.

Cristina Casanas-Judd and General Judd say their design philosophies come from their unique backgrounds and upbringings. One, a former Blue Man from North Carolina, the other, a former film set designer with Chilean roots. It’s all about the story. 

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based duo sat down with PRODUCTS to dish out their current favorite products. Be sure to catch a full Q+A with Me and General Design in the upcoming issue of Custom Builder magazine.

Odin kitchen faucet brizo


Brizo’s Odin Collection features both sleek lines and soft curves available in seven different finishes. Handles are sold separately, providing clients the ability to customize their kitchen faucet. In addition, the Odin collection offers a choice between a curved or square arc. Users can even control the faucet with Brizo’s VoiceIQ Technology.

“We’ve actually been loving the Brizo plumbing fixtures,” says Casanas-Judd. “They’re super high end, and they are so beautiful. They’re inspired by fashion and nature and I really feel like even though we’re sourcing stuff, we always keep going back to the Brizo. It is just seen as art that embellishes the home with fashion.”


Me and general design

House Beautiful's 'Adult Playroom' by Me and General Design | Photo: Courtesy David Patterson

Fireclay Tile

Me and General Design worked on the “adult playroom” in House Beautiful’s 2020 Whole Home project. They specified Fireclay Tile’s 8x8 Fallow design and chose to use two inverted colorways of black and white. Fireclay’s tiles are hand painted and colors can be customized, which the duo says can be a lot of fun.

“We used Fireclay for [House Beautiful], but we also use Fireclay quite a bit,” says Casanas-Judd. “It’s just a standard. The uniqueness of the fabrication of the hand done tiles is again, just takes you back in time.”

“They’re new tiles but they’ve got a sort of classic feel to it,” says Judd. “They’re hand painted, they connote this time passed but also layered into this modern environment. It works really well.”


Wolf-Gordon Echo Wallpaper


SO GOOD Wallpaper

Wolf-Gordon’s SO GOOD wallpaper collection was designed entirely by Me and General Design. It features vinyl and mylar wallpaper with glossy detailing in four different styles and a variety of colorways. Wolf-Gordon wallcoverings are manufactured in the USA. The company offers the ability to choose other substrates to choose from besides mylar and vinyl.

“We love Wolf-Gordon as well as a manufacturer and supplier for wallpaper—we’ve used [Wolf-Gordon] forever,” says Casanas-Judd. “SO GOOD is inspired by geometric shapes and play on paper. Echo, let’s say, is just a play on lines. But it creates this negative space and this movement. So all our wallpapers sort of have these patterns that move and there’s always this play on the gloss and the matte so you can have just a white wallpaper, but it’s all about the matte and the gloss picking up with the light of the day and as it changes throughout the day. It can be as subtle as a white paper but it’s alive. It’s all about being alive.”

“That sort of goes with what we are,” adds Judd. “We want to bring something unique and custom that’s going to be a talking point.”


Caroline Broderick

Caroline Broderick is the associate editor of PRODUCTS.

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