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Jun 15, 2023

Simonton Windows & Doors Unveils PLUS4 Low-E Glass

Simonton Windows & Doors Unveils PLUS4 Low-E Glass

Image: Simonton Windows & Doors

CARY, NC — Simonton Windows & Doors, a leading supplier of award-winning, best-in-class residential and commercial exterior building products in North America, is excited to debut PLUS4 Low-E Glass—its newest energy-efficient glass option. Highly durable and sustainable, PLUS4 Low-E Glass is built to prioritize the overall well-being of homeowners, and especially those in colder climates.

“At Simonton, our goal is to always provide our customers with comfort, quality and peace of mind. With our newest glass option, our goal was to take energy-efficiency to another level,” says Matt Gibson, marketing director for U.S. Windows, Cornerstone Building Brands. “Our cutting-edge glass option introduces advanced technology that efficiently redirects heat indoors, resulting in enhanced warmth and overall comfort.” 

By choosing PLUS4 Low-E Glass, homeowners will also enhance the visual appeal of their homes with sleek new windows that boast remarkable durability and outstanding thermal performance. It meets the stringent requirements of ENERGY STAR version 6.0 for the Northern Zone, which encompasses the largest portion of the continental U.S. of any zone, in addition to Alaska. As Northern Zone homes need to endure colder winters, ensuring that windows adhere to the highest standards of energy efficiency can result in significant savings for homeowners.

When combined with the ProSolar Sun, ProSolar Shade, or ProSolar Low-E glass options, the PLUS4 Low-E Glass packages offer exceptional performance, achieving U-factors of 0.27 or lower across several product collections, including:

  • Impressions 9800 collection
  • Reflections 5500 collection
  • Reflections 5050 collection
  • ProFinish Contractor collection 

PLUS4 Low-E Glass packages are available for order in the AccuQuote ordering system. To learn more, visit,