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Oct 12, 2020

ThermoMat Italy Introduces New Designer Line of Bath Safety Products

ThermoMat Italy Combo Grab Shelf

The Italian brand ThermoMat Italy has unveiled a new, extended range of designer shower and bathroom safety accessories to meet the needs of an aging population.

Marketed and distributed in the U.S. market by Design By Intent, the products range from grab bars, towel holders, fold-up seats, and more.


ThermoMat Italy Toilet Paper Grab Bar

As the company explains it, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that every year more than 235,000 people in the United States visit the emergency room due to injuries suffered in the bathroom. More than one-third of these injuries occur while bathing or showering. The company cites a Kitchen and Bath Industry Show statement that the need for shower and bathroom safety products extends well beyond the senior citizen market. “They stated that in actuality 26% of Americans over the ages of 18 suffer from a form of disability that could impact their safety in the shower and bathroom,” the company says.

The company says the aging in place movement is growing as more and more Americans are staying in their homes longer. As a result, the products are needed for the changing physical needs of older adults.

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ThermoMat Italy combo grab bars black

“E&T Horizons vision is to carve a new niche in the shower and bathroom safety market with products that are not only functional, but also sleek and beautiful,” says Terri Gelman, CEO and owner of E&T Horizons, parent company of Design By Intent. “We firmly believe there is a void in the market for designer styled safety bathroom furniture for consumers that have modern updated bathrooms and want an alternative to the traditional hospital-styled safety products.”

The new line from ThermoMat Italy includes ADA-compliant fold up shower seats, grab bars, and multifunctional shelves with added grip support. Products are available in a variety of designer colors to coordinate with modern bathroom decors, the company says.

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ThermoMat Italy combo grab shelf

Unique to the market, the company says, is the concept of combining the functionality of a traditional grab bar, with the feature of a display and storage shelf.

“These can be used both in the shower, and in the bathroom by the toilet or in other areas,” the company says. “The support bar is weight supporting and provides for additional stability and anti-slipping. In addition, the grab bar offers dually functional as an attractive towel bar. The shelf can be used for display, or for storage of toilet and shower accessories. This collection even includes a stylish toilet paper roll holder with a support bar feature for assisting in standing up from the toilet.”

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ThermoMat Italy combo grab bar collection

The ADA Compliant fold up shower seats come in a variety of styles and colors. Each one supports up to 330 pounds and neatly fold up against the wall when not in use. The material used in their construction makes them resistant to corrosion, or damage from soaps and shampoos, the company says.

Design By Intent says the grab bars will appeal to consumers who wish to retain the elegance and sophistication of their contemporary bathrooms.

The products are available at, as well as select luxury bathroom showrooms around the country.

ThermoMat Italy Toilet Paper Grab Bar Black


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