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Aug 23, 2018

ClAppBack Episode 1: Visualizer Apps

There are so many apps out there that builders, remodelers, and contractors can use on a jobsite. One type is visualizer tools, which use augmented reality to show what a product will look like in a space before it's installed.

In Episode 1 of ClAppBack, Associate Editors Kate Carsella and Amanda Hermans walk you through 3 visualizer tools that could help you in your next project. These apps help you see paint, countertops, and landscaping items before you decide to buy them. 


Find the apps in this video:

For an up-to-date directory of apps for the residential construction industry, visit the ProBuilder App Center.


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Hi, I'm Amanda Hermanson I'm the associate editor of products magazine and I'm Kate Carsella  and I'm the associate editor a professional builder and custom builder magazine and this is ClapBack.
We are your friendly neighborhood Millennials covering housing and we know a little bit of something about apps and there are so many different types of apps that a builder or a contractor can use in the in the process of doing a project and one of those that we want to talk about today are visualizer tools and these are often coming from manufacturers who want you to be able to see their product in the space that it's that you're looking at putting it into before you decide to buy it using so we have three manufacturer visualizer tools for you today first up is an app called eye scape and it's available for iOS meaning iPads and iPhones this is a visualizer app for the outdoors so take a photo of a space add in preferred plantings pavers outdoor design elements like fencing or outdoor grilling space the cost of this app is quote freemium you can download the app for free and then tear up ranging from $4.99 a month to $19.99 per month next we have Cambria AR the Cambria app is free and allows you to scan any surface in your home mark each corner of the surface and then scroll through different Cambria design options to see which one fits your space you can take photos of options that you like you can compare them against other photos you can save them for future reference or send them on social media next is a paint visualizer from Sherwin Williams color Snap is a visualizer for Android and Apple devices there's a piece of art or one of your own personal photos you want to match a color with paint for the interior you can do so there's also a color library instant paint where users can take a photo of an interior space pull up sherwin-williams preferable colors and you can put them on the walls to see how it appears you can use a day at night like features to see how colors will look at different times a day and a paint calculator thanks for watching and this is clap back.


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