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Aug 22, 2019

What Drill Should You Buy?


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Kyle Stumpenhorst, founder of post frame custom builder RR Buildings, shows off his favorite drills and explains how he finds the perfect tool for every task.

"So why do I have all these different impact guns, screw guns, when typically you could probably do everything that I need to with one of them?" Stumpenhorst asks. "Well because I think they all have their strengths, their weaknesses, and I always try to get the best tool for the job, even if that means that you have to buy multiple tools or multiple brands."

His lineup includes the Milwaukee Fuel brushless witn One-Key, Milwaukee and Makita hydraulic drivers, and the Makita 2500 RPM Screwdriver.

"There's really no good answer to the one drill that does everything perfect," Stumpenhorst explains. "Because nobody makes the right tool that does everything. So sometimes you have to branch out in brands, in colors, and in drills altogether that are going to serve theire purpose for a specific task."


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