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Feb 13, 2024

YKK AP America Introduces Innovative StyleView Classic Window Series

YKK AP America Introduces Innovative StyleView Classic Window Series

All images: YKK AP America

YKK AP America, a leading architectural product manufacturer, has unveiled its latest offering, the StyleView Classic window series tailored for new construction projects. This introduction responds to the growing demand for modern home styles among homeowners.

tyleView Classic window series tailored for new construction projectsThe new StyleView Classic series combines well-loved features preferred by builders, such as a removable top sash and a sloped sill, with a flat frame design that enhances integration into a broader range of materials. Crafted with precision corner welds, the window exudes a clean, high-quality appearance. Moreover, the series offers a plethora of customization options, catering to various home designs and embodying a modern, streamlined aesthetic.

"YKK AP’s purpose is to build a better society through architectural products, and this philosophy extends to our approach to product development," says Hank Kawano, general manager of the residential division at YKK AP America Inc. "By bringing meaningful changes to our StyleView Classic, we aim to provide a more well-designed, versatile window option for dealers, ease the installation process for builders, and enhance the everyday moments for homeowners."

Key features of the StyleView Classic Window Series include precision-welded corners for a cleaner appearance, a flat frame design enabling integration into diverse materials, modern brickmould, and sloped sill nose for a thinner profile. It also includes an easily removable top sash facilitating drywall pass-through, stronger pivot bar retention ensuring effortless sash removal and replacement, and fusion-welded sill nose with a clear shadow line mimicking a wood look.

This latest addition to YKK AP's product lineup reportedly reflects the company's commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the construction industry. The StyleView Classic window series promises to offer builders and homeowners alike a versatile, well-designed solution for modern home construction projects.