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Nov 22, 2017

Former Home Improvement Pro Develops App to Streamline In-Home Sales

Leap, designed by a former home improvement sales professional, is the first data management application to digitize the in-home sales process, the company says.

The app—fit for remodelers, general contractors, landscapers, electricians, and more—creates accurate estimates from a user’s database of product and service prices. It can also create on-the-go contracts and collect signatures on-site. It integrates seamlessly with sales tools such as Salesforce, MarketSharp, and Provia. The developer also has partnered with top lending firms such as GreenSky to provide in-app financing options on-site, allowing customers to obtain faster financing approvals.

Leap estimate tool

Leap estimate tool / Photo courtesy of Leap


“The home services industry as a whole has been slow to adopt a paperless process, which is frustrating for both homeowners and sales professionals,” says Steve Stencil, chief technology officer and creator of Leap. “I got tired of the cumbersome paperwork and dated processes, and when I developed and started using the Leap application, I knew that this software would be a game-changer for our industry.”

Leap provides accurate measurements, a digital library of company literature, the user’s own digital price guides, and shorter training times for sales employees. The user system allows builders and contractors to manage their sales teams remotely and provide them with up-to-date resources.

Leap digital resource library

Leap digital resource library / Photo courtesy of Leap


Users can access their Leap account and information from any web browser, and the on-the-go application is compatible with all iOS mobile devices but works best with iPad tablets, the company says.

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