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Jun 28, 2020

ICERA Introduces New S-11 iWash Electronic Bidet Seat

ICERA S-11 iMuse Electronic Bidet Seat Medium Shot

Plumbing brand ICERA says its new iWash electronic bidet seat has all the necessary features of the highest quality bidets but without the luxury price tag.

The unit starts at $675, with many retailers having lower prices.

After discontinuing their first seat attachment bidet nearly five years ago, ICERA evaluated customer feedback in order to debut the S-11 version of the iWash Electronic Bidet Seat.


ICERA S11 iMuse Bowl Light Closeup

“It had always been the plan to release a different model after we discontinued the original one,” says ICERA Inside Sales Manager Rachel Tufono. “We just took some time. The first one was our first one, so we learned a lot about what consumers are looking for when it comes to bidets from that first model. We took our time putting thought into the design and into the remote control look and the features that we wanted to include.”

The ICERA S-11 iWash Electronic Bidet Seat is focused on comfort, hygiene, and accessibility, the company says. Sized to fit most standard elongated toilets, the compact 5-inch seat allows homeowners to save bathroom floor space by eliminating traditional bidet water tanks entirely. Eliminating the water tank adds to the product’s cleanliness, removing any worries of possible mold and bacteria buildup. 

“This is the only standalone seat where you can just attach it to your existing toilet and then you’re immediately good to go as long as you have the correct electrical components already in your bathroom,” says Tufono. “This makes it very easy and very accessible for people who aren’t willing to replace their entire toilet, and it’s more of a commitment to do one fully integrated bidet toilet, so this is kind of a way to step your toe into the world of bidets. And it offers a lot more features than your regular floor standing bidet.”


iMuse Wall Mounted Remote Closeup

The stainless steel nozzle is paired with a wall-mounted, LED backlit remote control. Both features offer a minimalist style, working well in modern and traditional decor, the company says. Users are able to choose water, seat, and dryer temperatures, spray options, nozzle position, and water pressure. To save time, the iWash saves up to two presets. There is also a built-in deodorizer, in-bowl night light, and silent close lid.

ICERA says one feature that makes the S-11 stand out from other bidets is its unlimited warm water. Users will never have to wait for water to warm up or worry about it suddenly going cold. Whichever water temperature the user desires will remain as long as needed with the help of ICERA’s ceramic water heating system. 

Bidet seats like the S-11 are ideal for remodeling projects where the bathroom is not a part of a complete gut job. The company says consumers can find similar products on the market for several hundred dollars more, but that this model has the upper hand with its capabilities. This is another layer in the product’s accessibility goal, the brand adds.


ICERA S-11 iMuse Electronic Bidet Seat Nozzle

“They are not as cheap as a regular toilet seat, [consumers] are already making a kind of investment when [they] buy it, and not having to invest on top of that is a pull for a lot of people. And it’s very simple to do,” says Tufono. “The only drawback that may hinder people from doing it themselves is that it is recommended you have a GFCI outlet in your bathroom for safety reasons.”

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