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Oct 10, 2019

Island Stone Adds Two New Colors to Spindrift Mosaic Collection

IslandStone Spindrift Marble Tempest VIGNETTE BS tif

Spindrift Marble's new Tempest colorway

Tile company Island Stone has added two new options to its Spindrift Marble collection offering smooth, organic forms instead of hard edges and straight lines of typical of mosaic tiles.

Nebula and Tempest, the company says, offer an unconventional shape and color that play a crucial role in the tiles’ artistic beauty. The new hues join the existing Carrara Marble to work with a range of room color schemes and designs, giving designers more freedom to create looks from subtle to lively and bold, the brand adds.

“Our newest Spindrift Marble colors offer a refreshing take on a familiar favorite, part of a larger trend we’re seeing toward more creative uses of marble,” says Jeff Nibler, COO and president of sales for Island Stone. “The unique new colorways combine to capture the natural beauty of marble in new, more playful ways. Now homeowners can have this classic, luxurious look in their homes, even if their kitchen or bath isn’t suited to the contemporary influences of traditional light marble.”

IslandStone Spindrift Marble Nebula VIGNETTE BS

Spindrift Marble in Nebula

Island Stone offers a fresh take on traditional marble colorways. As the company explains it, Nebula features the visual textures of fossils, swirls, and other patterns in grey, highlighted with whites and some black that is reminiscent of the metamorphosis that creates natural stone and emulating the made-by-nature essence of the line. Tempest blends black with greys, juxtaposing light finishes to create an air of mystery and depth; the effect allows designers to add dark accents without feeling as heavy as plain black options might be.




The new colors now brings the Spindrift collection to three: The original Carrara Marble colorway offers the classic aesthetic of Italian Carrara marble, with varying degrees of lighter grays and white highlights that provide more life than plain white. Spindrift’s three options create a relaxed ambiance that the pebble-shaped tiles exude while still retaining an upscale appearance, the company says.




“The structured placement of the pebble allows for a consistent and measured grout joint, enhancing the quality and finish of the product without compromising the natural and random look,” the company says. “Each stone is meticulously shaped and crafted into mosaic tiles measuring 11-3/4 inches square by ¼ inches thick.”

Spindrift Marble tiles are suitable for walls, showers, and freeze/thaw areas.

IslandStone Spindrift Marble Carrara BS14

Spindrift Marble in the original Carrara

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