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Jul 27, 2017

NanaWall Introduces Industry-First Individual Panel Shade Solution

Nanawall Shades in a bedroom

Glass wall manufacturer NanaWall Systems says its NanaWall Shades is the first integrated shade solution for operable glass wall panels.

Unlike other shading systems that must cover the entire wall and hide the folding glass wall completely, Shades allows designers and builders to add a shade for every panel.

“NanaWall Shades offer homeowners, business owners, and designers complete flexibility to control the environment,” says NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “Not only can you open and close our glass walls to fit the weather and temperature, but by adding Shades to one or more of the panels, you can now easily control the amount of light entering the space. It makes NanaWall an even more versatile solution for both residential and commercial applications.”

Designed specifically for NanaWall, Shades is a slim-profile system that is custom fitted to each panel and provides privacy without losing the aesthetic of the glass walls, the company says. The suspended system can be controlled from the top down, bottom up, or in-between. It can be custom-designed and tailored for easy installation and match any of the more than 25 glass wall systems the company offers.

A number of profile and fabric color choices are available to accommodate any design style, and they work with any new or existing NanaWall glass wall system. The product’s quick-and-easy installation for aluminum glass walls requires no tools, the company says.

The shades come in transparent, semi-transparent, or room-darkening fabrics, so they can be ordered based on how much light each room gets. Colors come in a matte finish and include white aluminum, jet black, traffic white and gray brown.

Watch a video of the product here.


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