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Jul 22, 2020

PaintLine Releases Portable Jobsite Spray Booth Aimed at Reducing Time, Cost

Portable spray paint booth professional

Paint tool manufacturer PaintLine has released a walk-in, open-faced Portable Jobsite Spray Booth that they say will make professionals' lives much easier.

The patent-pending product aims at helping contractors easily assemble spray booths on worksites. It only takes 15 minutes, one person, and no tools to set up, the company says. 

Kyle Robinson, president of PaintLine, says there was no easily portable spray booth product on the market aimed at professionals that can be used in myriad indoor jobsites with an easy set-up and numerous ventilation attachment options. This latest product aims at minimizing wasted time and money. 


Portable paint booth carry bag

“The problem that we observed out in the worksite was they spend a lot of time building plastic barriers to protect surfaces against overspray,” Robinson says. “This was our way of addressing that problem.”

The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth has an aluminum extrusion frame, support poles, space for ventilation accessories, and one-of-a-kind disposable five-sided plastic liner. When fully assembled, the booth has a height, width, and length of 80 inches all around. Its dimensions will fit most living rooms and standard one-car garages, the company says.

“Our booth is designed for indoor spraying, so you’re going to be indoors at the jobsite,” Robinson says. “Those [other] types of pop-up booths are really for the DIY user, not the professional sprayer, and they also have fairly limited room. It’s almost like a camping tent, so the ceiling is at an angle and you don't have a lot of work space.”


Portable spray painting booth

The frame and poles are entirely collapsable and can fit into one heavy-duty bag that is included with the product. When the booth is in transport-mode, it weighs 45 pounds. In order to ensure the booth lasts, corners are held together by neodymium magnets. If something hits the pole or causes stress, instead of it snapping, the pole will fall. The magnets will not deteriorate over time, Robinson says.

Other booths on the market can range from $100 to $8,000 but none have all the features the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth does, Robinson says. While the booth retails for $650, it is reusable and built to last five or more years. The only disposable feature are the liners, which retail at just under $14 each. Liners should be purchased directly from PaintLine because they are specifically designed for the product. Special hems on the liners protect the aluminum frame’s poles from paint to keep them in pristine condition.

One of Robinson’s observations before designing the product was the inability for other spray booths to fit in various interior settings. A high ceiling, for example, could take lots of time in terms of hand covering to avoid overspray. 


Portable spray paint booth professional

“There’s a lot of unpredictability to the jobsite,” Robinson says. “You might have a vaulted ceiling in a home, and it’s really hard to build a barrier on something that has a high ceiling. So this eliminates that as well.”

Additional accessories are sold separately, but include a vent attachment, air filters, duct reducer, ducting, and blower. A proper respirator must be worn while using the Portable Jobsite Spray Booth, and only non-flammable, non-combustible paints and solvents can be used. 

The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth has been approved for use by DiPasquale Engineering PLLC, but users should check with local authorities as regulations can change amongst jurisdictions. If users follow necessary precautions and use the correct paints and solvents, the booth is in compliance with national regulations and standards.

Caroline Broderick

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