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Mar 9, 2017

Pfister Develops Innovative Faucet Prototypes With Voice Activation, LED Lights

Pfister faucet

Plumbing fixtures brand Pfister has unveiled a new technology initiative that has produced three innovative faucet prototypes, including a unit with voice activation.

Dubbed Water Over Wire (WOW), the initiative has developed three “faucets of the future,” the company says.

“Why should a faucet be limited to simply turning on and off, and why can’t we ask it to do more?” Jamie Dorman, group marketing manager for Pfister, says in a statement. “Raising these questions led to the development of the WOW design concepts.”

The three new concepts include a handle-less faucet, one with a built-in LED task light to illuminate the work space, and the Auris, which the company says is the first in the industry to use voice control to activate features such as turning on and off hot, warm, or cold water, delivering precise amounts of water, providing on-demand filtered or boiling water, and automatically filling a sink, all without the use of hands.

“The Auris voice-activated faucet was a hit at KBIS,” Dorman says. “While there is no immediate launch date for this concept, we are enthusiastic about the early market response to this product and are evaluating its potential.”