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Nov 16, 2017

Trimlite Introduces One-Piece, Screwless Door Frame

Trimlite Screwless Doorframe

Photo courtesy of Trimlite

Door installers can say farewell to frame plugs, says Trimlite, after debuting the first one-piece, screwless door frame for doorlites.

The Solution Series features a compression seal and interlocking joints that eliminate screw holes and frame gaps, which streamline the installation process. The Shaker style profile has a clean look at only 3/16 inch thick, compared to many other frames that come in a ⅞-inch size.

“Trends are changing in the housing industry,” says Adam Wendt, Trimlite’s director of marketing. “Smaller glass doorlites are becoming more prevalent, but homeowners want frames to be hidden from view and be unobtrusive. We see this most often in front entry door projects where the personal expression of the homeowner needs to come through. A durable, low-profile frame that is easy to install is a win-win for the installers and homeowners.”

The ABS plastic frames can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees C to 180 degrees C, meaning they won’t fade, crack, or warp in the elements, the company says. They are available in white or tan vertical wood grain patterns and can be painted or stained to match any home. Frames can be paired with 11 different energy-efficient glass styles and endless door design combinations.

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