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Mar 29, 2018

Video: Belwith-Keeler Introduces 8 New Hardware Collections

As part of its 125th anniversary celebration, hardware manufacturer Belwith-Keeler has introduced eight new hardware collections for 2018.

We caught up with the comapny's trend manager, Knikki Grantham, at Design & Construction Week 2018, where she told us about the design inspiration for each new collection.

She pointed out that the Vale collection was particularly special. "This comes directly out of our archives," she explains. "This was featured in our 1953 modern decorative hardware catalogue."

The company's design team pulled the Vale knob from the archives and designed additional collection pieces to match it.

Other collections were inspired by everything from rubber bands to a heron's leg. Watch the video above to see all eight collections.


We have eight new collections the veil collection which is a collection that comes directly out of our archives this was featured in our 1953 modern decorative hardware catalog one of the trends that we saw was that people were wanting the hardware to look less like it's just slapped onto the cabinetry and looks like it's emerging from the cabinetry so that's our emerge the Fermata collection was based on one of our designers took a piece and she had wrapped rubber bands around a piece of hardware and the way that they laid in across textural pattern is what we ended up with our design our harbour collection which is our homage to the nautical movement the monroe collection which is our wonderful Hollywood Regency collection but we also did it in some matte finishes so it gives it more of a transitional Flair our Flex collection which is an architectural twist so much engineering has to go around to making sure these screw holes line up and that flex is just enough to give you the visual of it moving but it's a staple kind of peace the Forenza is our authentic marble collection what we found is that in order to keep the marble at a long elegant kind of look without it being too thick and chunky to stand the test of being pulled on all the time that we had to build a holder around it so it's got this great contemporary kind of offset older our hair in collection our design team we looked into more of the mythology part of the Greek patterns and they found that Athena used a heron as her messenger bird.


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