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Aug 20, 2018

Whirlpool Expands Experience Center


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Whirlpool experience center

Whirlpool has expanded its immersive culinary and appliance showcase in downtown Chicago, offering designers and their customers a chance to interact with company experts and learn “life hacks,” the company says.

Going beyond the typical appliance showroom, the new center allows visitors to engage with kitchen tips to help them feel like professionals: the best way to brew coffee at home, the key to perfecting zoodles, how to extend the life of produce, how to outsmart stains, and more.

“We’re so excited to expand the World of Whirlpool to the benefit of the Chicago community and beyond,” says Joe Liotine, head of North America for Whirlpool. “With over a century of leadership in this industry, our design team and home scientists crafted this center knowing consumers crave personalized, interactive experiences as well as tips and tricks that enhance their everyday lives.”

The center will offer hands-on, self-guided cooking, cleaning, and washing experiences grounded in research that shows a consumer need for “how-to” guidance. According to a study by Google News Lab, 35 percent of the top 100 Google searches are about “how-to” clean, organize, or cook various meals in the home. This new space within the World of Whirlpool aims to help answer these questions.

“We continue to see people searching for guidance on the things they do every day—even for tasks like boiling an egg,” says Brett Dibkey, the company’s vice president for brand and strategy in North America. “We know we have the experts who can help. That’s why we are introducing this experience; to help people do the things they do every day, better.”


This story originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of PRODUCTS magazine. See the print version here


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