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Apr 30, 2020

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors Releases Tranquil Smooth-Face Wood Flooring

Wood floor manufacturer Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has unveiled a new collection that meets the growing demand for smooth face flooring in a low matte, layered finish in warm tones.

The Tranquil Collection is available in the brand’s customary 8-inch-wide planks and in six colors—Eden, Haven, Harbor, Oasis, Preserve, and Sanctuary—that range from a subtly weathered taupe to a deep warm gray to a richly saturated brown.

“While our customers have always appreciated the dynamic feel created by the layered colors in our natural finishes, we have been seeing an increased preference for wood flooring with a simple, smooth face,” said Chris Sy, president of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors in Stoddard, N.H.. “For the Tranquil Collection, our product development and design teams worked together to create a special process that deposits a subtle layer of color without brushing. The result is a smooth, refined floor surface that imparts the organic feeling of a naturally ‘aged’ material accentuated by more modern tones.”


Carlisle explains that most wood flooring manufacturers that produce products with layered color use a hard wax oil to create the finish, requiring homeowners to perform daily maintenance and periodic re-oiling to prevent the finish from drying out over time. The Tranquil Collection, on the other hand, features a UV-cured oil that does not require specialty cleaning products or frequent reapplications of finish, the company says. As a result, the floor has a low sheen but without the hazy appearance often seen in very low-sheen urethane finishes.

Another thing to note, the company says, is that when flooring goes through the layering process it gives it added richness and dimensionality. “However, the majority of wood flooring products on the market require brushing the surface to layer color, resulting in a textured appearance,” it explains. “The Tranquil Collection delivers the popular ceruse aesthetic without the use of brushing, and fumed looks without the variance commonly seen in fuming, to beautifully highlight the natural grain pattern of the wood.”

Offered in white oak or hickory, the Tranquil Collection is offered in ¾-inch-thick planks and in 2- to 12-foot lengths. It also comes in a choice of engineered or solid construction. Like most flooring, the planks are end-matched for ease of installation.

“Carlisle is committed to listening to our customers and to leading the way in new flooring design trends,” Sy says. “We are excited to debut our newest collection, a collaboration that marries that best of function and style to deliver a flooring solution that will transform every space it inhabits.”

The collection can be ordered through Carlisle showrooms and design consultants.




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