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Sep 8, 2022

EcoSupply Debuts Tekstur: Highly-Durable and Sustainable 3D Panels

Black and gray Tekstur panels
Crafted from recycled, antimicrobial materials, Tekstur panels feature extraordinary resistance to fire, water, and impact damage

EcoSupply, a leader in sustainable building material solutions, welcomes Tekstur panels to its expansive product portfolio. As a sustainable option to add a protective and decorative element to nearly any interior or exterior space, the panels are extremely resistant to fire (Class A), water, and impact damage. Antimicrobial and unsusceptible to staining, the panels are an excellent choice for commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and other high-traffic environments that are particularly conscious about cleanliness. Easy to clean and durable, the Tekstur panels are resilient enough to sustain a lifetime of abuse and wear while showing virtually no sign of their age.

Tekstur panels can be cut-to-spec and delivered ready-to-install. They can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including walls, on furniture, millwork, or even as a solid or screen partition to create division within a space. Available in a plethora of colorways, designers are able to choose from a variety of geometric and eye-catching patterns that are generated and engraved into the panels using CAD/CAM design software and 3 axis milling techniques. Not only do the patterned surfaces draw attention visually, but it invites the viewer to touch the material and engage with the design. Many of these patterns carve off the entire surface of the material in their fabrication, leaving no exposed flat-surface on the panel’s face, meaning irregularities created through extreme abuse will be virtually invisible. EcoSupply’s in-house experts can also customize patterns to help designers achieve their unique vision.

“We developed Tekstur in response to the high demand for durable surface solutions that have an increased lifespan,” says EcoSupply’s Principal, Brooks Perlin. “Not only are these panels virtually indestructible, this launch also reflects our brand’s mission to offer sustainable and effective material solutions that positively impact project outcomes, end users, and the environment.”

EcoSupply is dedicated to providing product solutions that contribute to sustainable building. 100% of the power used in EcoSupply’s manufacturing of Tekstur is offset by renewable energy. Tekstur’s wall panel selection includes options that are NSF, FSC certified, and Greenguard certified. The paper composite materials used to make Tekstur are composed of various percentages of recycled/renewable materials and eco-friendly resins. Tekstur panels are eligible for LEED points and are Made in America at EcoSupply’s manufacturing facility in Richmond, Virginia.